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Bayou Rum

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Bayou Rum was recently featured in the February-March 2015 issue of My Table.

Visitors should check the website for days and times of tours at Louisiana Spirits, which produces Bayou Rum, keeping in mind that the tour is short and sweet. Sugar cane is big business in western Louisiana, and Bayou Rum is cashing in on this cash crop. We recently tasted three products – the silver rum, the spiced rum and the satsuma (orange) rum liqueur – after our tour of the facility and a demonstration of the distillation process. The equipment is modern looking (although they do use a huge copper pot in their process), so don’t expect a rustic backwoods type of production. This is actually a new brand of rum, and the distillers use 21st-century technology to monitor the processes. There are some cool charred wooden barrels from Kentucky in which the product matures before it is bottled.
WHAT TO BUY: Stop in the gift shop to buy a few bottles of local Louisiana rum for the thirsty folks back home.

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