The Spirit of the Craft.

Through the bayous and into the sugar cane fields, we've obtained the highest quality and freshest Louisiana ingredients and state of the art distilling equipment to create a handcrafted spirit like no other.

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Bayou Rum Distillery

Visitor Center Hours
Tuesday – Saturday
9:30AM to 5:30PM
Distillery Address
20909 Frontage Rd
Lacassine, LA 70650



Bayou Rum is handmade in the largest privately-owned rum distillery in the USA, utilizing traditional methods with state-of-the-art technology for all four steps: fermentation, distillation, maturation, and bottling. The beautiful facility in Lacassine, Louisiana offers distillery tours, rum tasting bar and an incomparable gift shop shop experience for those who visit the home of Bayou Rum.

Bottling the Louisiana Spirit


After bottling the newly blended rum, you can see we do everything on site, and we think you will agree that we have successfully captured the “Louisiana Spirit”… in a Bayou Rum bottle!

Visitor Center Experience


“Welcome to Louisiana Spirits, home of Bayou Rum!”

You have entered the Gift Shop foyer.  To the right, you will find clean restrooms , and to the left, you will see the opening of the Viewing Room.  At the back of the main room, you will see the Tasting Bar area behind a short wrought iron fence.

The Visitor Center is here for you to experience the true “Spirit of Louisiana”, some of our hospitality and Bayou Rum.

Our fine rums are handcrafted on-site the Louisiana way; in a traditional copper pot still using 100% natural unrefined Louisiana cane sugar and molasses, following our authentic “sugar house” recipe.

Remember the Spirit of Louisiana


From the culture to the cuisine, to the way people celebrate—it’s about living life to its fullest and having some fun along the way.

It’s from this place, where the sugarcane first came to the USA, where a new spirit is born…

Rum making in Louisiana paralleled the advent of sugar making in Louisiana beginning in our early colonial history. Then the art slowly disappeared soon after the Civil War took a toll on our sugar plantation culture.


The History of Rum Making in Louisiana

  • 1751 Early Jesuits growing cane and using for making tafia (French word for rum prior to British naming in Caribbean)
  • 1764 French Chevalier sends spoils of the harvest to France including 18 hogsheads of tafia (rum)
  • 1770 Manual Solis relocates to Louisiana from Santo Dominque in Hispaniola bringing distillery equipment
  • 1770 Etienne de Bore’s father hires “sugar and rum making” expert to help him
  • 1795 Etienne de Bore crystallizes sugar and has distillery room added to main house for rum making
  • Early 1800s Sugar Houses install distillery equipment to make rum
  • 1861 to 1865 Union Soldiers confiscate Louisiana rum and destroy stills during war
  • 1898 advertising of distilling equipment and articles written to attract sugar mill owners – no takers
  • 1919 Prohibition shuts off any official rum making and forces any “activity” underground – no written history
  • 1930 Great depression and LA sugar industry in world competitive market keeps pricing low requires focus and specialization to survive – no funds or expertise for speculating in rum market
  • 2011 Louisiana Spirits vows to make a world class rum from Louisiana sugarcane and begins construction of a new purpose-built distillery
  • 2013 Bayou Rum is announced and the anticipation begins…