Rum was the original spirit of choice enjoyed by the Founding Fathers before the American Revolution.

Before the Boston Tea Party (1773) there was the Portsmouth Molasses Party (1771).rum not tea started the revolution. Rum was enjoyed  by George Washington, Adams and Jefferson.


“I know not why We Should blush to confess that Molasses was an essential Ingredient in American independence. Many great Events have proceeded from much Smaller Causes”
– President John Adams, Letter to William Tudor Sr. 11 August 1818


The spirit and energy that drove the founding fathers to make America is the same big bold spirit that made us want to make an American rum again. To make something great, to make something truly All American, to bring back the lost art of American rum making.

Bayou Rum Story and History

In 2011, deep in the heart of Sugarcane Country, three childhood friends had a revelation.

Once quietly produced in the backwaters of the Bayou, rum – America’s original spirit – had become a forgotten one.

The ingredient central to rum – sugarcane – had been cultivated in their home state since the 1700s, but no one had yet harnessed this abundant natural resource to create a top-notch, premium rum. They vowed to change that by crafting a Louisiana rum for the world to enjoy.

Two years later, the Bayou® Rum Distillery opened their door in Lacassine, LA. Utilizing traditional methods with state-of-the-art technology from fermentation through distillation, maturation and bottling, Bayou Rum has earned its title of #1 Craft Rum in America*. Today, Bayou Rum is available throughout the United States.