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Bayou Rum

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Bayou® Pink

This expression imparts the award-winning taste and aroma of Bayou® White with the vibrant pink hue of mayhaw berries for a multi-layered flavor experience.

Available in Louisiana.


Hints of berries and a touch of rose


The mayhaw berries come through as soon as it hits your tongue, followed by the creamy smoothness that defines Bayou® Rum


Mayhaw berry's return with a long tart finish


Versatile rum that mixes perfectly with Sprite or in cocktails such as a Moscow Mule, Mojitos or Piña Colada, instead of Tequila.

How Our Rum Is Made

Bayou® Rum is distilled from locally grown sugarcane in southern Louisiana, USA. Our molasses comes from the oldest family-owned and operated sugar mill in the United States. Every batch of Bayou Rum is distilled in copper pot stills, aged mostly in Bourbon casks and bottled in house.