An authentic Heritage. Where tradition and culture are infused into our blends.

Fresh louisiana ingredients. Following our authentic "sugar house" recipe, we gather sugar cane syrup from our fields along with raw sugar that is fully pasteurized and clarified.

The Spirit of the Bayou. Straight from the heart of Louisiana sugar cane country, comes a new craft spirit-distilled from a mixture of fresh Louisiana molasses and raw unrefined can sugar from local mills.

April 13, 2016

Touring the Bayou Rum Facility

While in Lake Charles I had the opportunity to work my way round the Bayou Rum Distillery on a tour. I love rum. Cuban rum, Belizean rum, any rum’ll do me, but this Bayou (bye-you) was something a little different.

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April 3, 2016

If You Build It, They Will Rum

What began as a wild idea concocted while hunting is now a dream come true for Bayou Rum Distillery president and co-founder Trey Litel and his business partners.

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